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Nathaniel Thornheart is one of Dominus D Tenebris' Three Generals of Death, and one of the primary antagonists of The Atomist

Description Edit

Nathaniel Thornheart has plain black legs, a black torso with a brown belt, som silver lining at the top and a breastplate depicting a red skull symbol, armor printing around it and 6 blue spikes around the neck. His head has a scruffy beard, a furious expression and maniacal blue eyes. He wears a shadow black helmet.

Background Edit

Nathaniel Thornheart, born ***** ******, was raised in the sorcerer city of Merlien, to a family of unextraordinary sorcerers. He grew up and passed his standard rials of initiatian at the age of 19, and dabbled in Energy Streaming and Hurling before deciding on becoming a Pythoner, and trained with the master Pythoner Galius Sordid. He chose a 5 foot long Python as his partner, and the Python would appear as a necklace until Activated.

He met Dominus D Tenebris when they were both young and ambitious, and saw great promise and power in following Dominus. He became one of his foremost supporters, though he disliked the Heralds of Death. During the war, he led 5 major campaigns - the Battle of the Polished Plains(victory), the Siege of Castle Fortaim(defeat), the Defense of the East Flank(defeat), the Sacking of HighPort(victory) and the Defense of the Blue Mountains.

By the end of the War, he led the defense of the East Flank of Dominus' territory. In the end, he was injured, and forced to retreat. He was in Dominus' fortress at the time of the assasination, and two assassins, Anne Dalusia and Check LoVakia . He battled them, and his Python killed Check, but Anne decapitated the snake and stabbed him in the face.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nathaniel Thornheart was a master of Snakes, and as a Pythoner, he was bonded magically to a snake, allowing him to control the snake and disguise it. He was very talented, and had a greater level of control over his snake than most Pythoners. Unlike the other Generals, he was not overly proficient with weaponry or hand-to-hand combat. He was a dab hand with a Spearaxe, but otherwise was not particularly adept at fighting.

Gallery of Variants Edit

Nathaniel Thornheart