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Ninjago:Covert Revenge is a custom subtheme of Ninjago. In this Custom theme, the Ninja celebrate the Defeat of all of the enemies. But 24 hrs later, things changed. In the Hydroplex Plateau in the Dark Island, where all the villains who attempted to Destroy the Ninja have been revived from a Ancient God from the Distant Past when the Planet of Ninjago was born. After the revival of the Super Villains who tried to defeat the Ninja are now Unleashed with their new Lord and Master. With the Ninja stronger since the defeat of the Nindroid 2.0s. Now Kai EX,Custom:Jay EX,Cole EX,Zane EX,and Lloyd EX with Nya,Sensei Wu,Sensei Garmadon,Dr.Julien,and Misako allied with the Colation Force and the Thunder Force. Now they must unite to defeat the Evil God and their arch enemies with their new super powers.But the God of Destruction as gathered a Undead Terrocon Army from his legion,The Snakes,Stone Warriors,and Nindroids. Now the Heroes of Ninjago must Protect Ninjago at all costs.


  • The Ninja have Elemental Matrix Powers so they could unlock any variant from their past and have The Golden Weapons of Spinjitsu,Elemental Blades,and the Technoblades combined together.


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