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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

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Predacon Blazer

Ninjago:Rebooted is a custom theme which takes place in the future and after the defeat of the Nindroids.But the Ninja must face a new peril to save ninjago.


"After the defeat of the Nindroids,General Cryptor gets his good side memory back and the Ninja and the citizens celebrate right next to Borg Tower to honner Kai,Jay,Zane,Cole,and Lloyd Garmadon for wiping out the Nindroid Warmonger. But on another multiverse, Where Lloyd Garmadon wiped out the Evil counter part of General Cryptor, The evil counter part of Cryptor becomes General Kaon gets revived Sensei Wu's worst villain he put in the Tower of Tears.While The 4 original ninja found out that Cryptor has been revived and is activating the Spirital Portal to get Revenge on the Ninja.But when Team Ninjago arrives, they realized that Kaon has activated the Portal that will grind Ninjago. When the Spirital Portal activates,Sensei Wu's worst enemies come out of the portal to enslave ninjago.While one the super-villains goes right in front of the Team and tells his most loyal servants to enslave Nya,Pixal,Dr.Julien,Misako,Garmadon,and Sensei Wu. While Kai and the others make a risky attempt to get their friends and Family back.They where so close until HydraKing casted the Ninja out of Ninjago permenantly into another Universe. After sometime of a while, HydraKing and the Other Gods rebuild Ninjago's future with the help of General Kaon, While the Ninja remain casted out of Ninjago. While Kai goes a somewhere for a while to re-think and re-gain his independence and inner-peace.When Kai was going back to the others, the spirit of The First Spinjitzu Master showed up told him the key to their future victory over the evil spirits from the distant past. Now since Kai rallied his old and new friends, they now make a quest to find the 6 Sacred Blades and light up their Darkest Hour and save Ninjago once and for all."


  • There will be soon a Youtube Lego Stop Motion Series by CyberNinja.
  • This Theme's collectible is the Sacred Blades.
  • In this theme, Kai and the other ninja will turn into Masters on the set Chingo Temple.
  • The Golden Sword of Fire,Elemental Blades,and Techno Blades will be combined into the Sacred Blades with 6 blades.
  • Some of the Characters will come from the Theme Lego Ninjago:Reign of the Nindroids.
  • There will be no spinner sets.
  • In the LDD, The Sword will be the Dragon sword except its updated.
  • In the 5 temples before Chingo Temple there will be crystals for the Main Temple. Once someone puts all 5 crystals in the Elemental Wall and Rings the gong of peace, the Crystals will trigger its main thing of giving a Ninja of its Element its Full Master Rank.
  • After the Evil troopers of HydraKing ran away and some of the Ninja's friends from the past come back, Zane mentions that there's a Third Spinjitzu Master (Ultra Spinjitzu Master) from a list of the Spinjitzu Scrolls.Lloyd and the others believe that Kai could be the Ultra Spinjitzu Master.
  • General Cryptor will be a Protagonist with the Ninja.The Creator says that Cryptor will become friends with his true memory with Lloyd Garmadon and Kai. But their will be his true evil clone known as General Kaon.
  • Chingo Temple is a related set from the Temple of Light. Except it's a remolded version.
  • The Youtube Lego Stop Motion Series made by CyberNinja says that the series will be also called Lego Ninjago:Revalation of Darkness.
  • The Creator says that the Ninja will use the Powers from the Cards from the Ninjago:Spinjitu Spinners game.But the Character Cards will not in this show with the other cards.
  • The Spijitzu Powers from the Battle Cards from the Ninjago:Spinjitu Spinners game will be unlocked once they're in their Full Master Rank.


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