Ninjago: The Orange Ninja
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The Ninja: Cole, Lloyd, Jay, Kai and Zane are on a Mission the Sensei Garmadon had given them. A legend has started that there will be an Orange Ninja. They bump into a civilian named Barry and they think that he must be the Orange Ninja. Will they know if he is the Orange Ninja. We will find out ...


Sensei Garmadon (Cape)
Lloyd (ARobes)
Kai (ARobes)
Zane (ARobes)
Jay (ARobes)
Cole (ARobes)
Barry (Ancient Robes)
Ancient Nindroid1
Shadow Ninja1
Sensei Shadow
Sensei GarmadonLloyd (Ancient Robes)Kai (Ancient Robes)Zane (Ancient Robes)Jay (Ancient Robes)Cole (Ancient Robes)Barry (Ancient Robes)Ancient NindroidsShadow Ninja LloydOverlord (Shadow Form)Sensei Wu (Shadow Form)


Wave 1:

Ancient Recovery

Jay's Crawly Machine

Cole's Shredder Truck

League of Shadows

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