Ninjago: The Samurai of Raulenn
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Ninjago: Lost In Time


Agent Fuse

Ninjago: The Samurai of Raulenn is a custom subtheme of Ninjago. It features four Samurai from the land of Raulenn coming to Ninjago and helping the Ninja, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, and Kai, as well as Nya, against the Scorpion Clan and Lord Garmadon. There are seven magical Samurai Helmets that the Samurai need, the Helmet of Protection, the Helmet of Strength, the Helmet of Invisibility, the Crown of the Underworld, the Crown of Raulenn, the Helmet of Secrecy, and the Helmet of Speed. They know that Samukai had the Crown of the Underworld once, and now Lord Garmadon has taken it. The four Samurai, Kerral, Tralivas, Ruggark, and Jaklyen, have the Protection, Strength, Speed, and Invisibility helmets. The Crown of Raulenn is lost, and the Helmet of Secrecy is Samurai X's helmet. The Scorpion Clan want to get the helmets for themselves, and the wearer of the Crown of Raulenn has dominance over the wearers of the other six helmets. The Ninja and Samurai use mainly boats in their battles.




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