Nuclear Controller
Nuclear Controller

Hazmat Suit, 2 Black Revolvers


King Kahuka

Nuclear Controller was the boss of the Wikia Nuclear Plant, he was accidently exposed to Nuclear Power and he thought nothing happened, after his flesh burned as a side effect of the exposion, he was a living, walking skeleton. He was frightened what happened to him and he noticed this was the Nuclear Exposion, he was ranked up to a Wikia Commander, and he became able to harness Atomic and Nuclear energy. He was also renamed to the Nuclear Controller for his power. He was given a mission by Wikia to pollute all of LEGO. His power against King Kahuka's anti-matter is not a good mix, and it will make a massive explosion.

Notes From Creator

  • I like to think of him as the opposite of me.
  • His Skeleton head look kind of dusty.
  • I originally planned him to hold a Black Revolver and a Black Walkie-Talkie, that wasnt a good mix, i tried Grey, still not good, so i just scrapped the idea and made him have 2 Black Revolvers.

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