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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Olomhs Ht'ard (pronounced Olom Hes and Het Ard) was the second test subject for the Dark Force experiment Wikia was doing, when the experiment was being done, it didn't work, and they blamed Olomhs for drinking too much Dr. Pepper 10 and being exposed to TVs, in anger wikia chopped off half his head with an axe. Olomhs Ht'ard was taken by the ID10Ts, a special defence force for portecting people that have they're heads chopped in half. The ID10Ts sued wikia and Olomhs had a robotic half of his head now. In anger, Olomhs Ht'ard stole the special Lazer Crystals from the ID10Ts and he built himself lightsaber handles, he created his own lightsabers from almost merely nothing but James Bonds' finger nails and missile launcher handles and LAZAR. He went back to Wikia, slaughtered everyone there, and Mr. Snackerdoodle blew his leg off with the "Ultimatatatatium Epicklizer Gun". After the pain, Olomhs hopped over to snackerdoodle and cut his head off, ate his glasses, and did an irish dance on his head. Olomhs Ht'ard then fled and blew a crater in the Wikia LOGO, making it WOkia. And stole the untested vehicle and very dangerous vehicle known as Thee Thingy, but before he escaped he kicked the ID10Ts in the face and fled.

Notes From Creator

  • If you mess around with his name, it says Darth Shlomo backwards.
  • He made his lightsaber blades out of Missile Launcher Handles and Dr. Pepper 10