Custom: Captain Yamyam or Patriot Yamyam

Super Moderngeneration Blast Team


Patriot, WIZ Tech Member


Sonic Blasters, Batons


2013 - 2015

This is about a fellow Member of the Super Moderngeneration Blast Team and one of my Best Friends on the LEGO Gallery.

"Don't worry p-people, Patriot Y-YamYam is here. YamYam say in Super Moderngeneration Blast Team"

YamYam is one of the Loyal ... well almost Loyal members of the Super Moderngeneration Blast Team Project. YamYam is not a Meta-Human, as it says in the Origin of S.M.B.T "Meta-Humans and Humans". The reason why he has turned from Captain YamYam to Patriot YamYam is because he saved the Presidents cat and dog ... and Bird. He started as one of the members of the Super Moderngeneration Blast Team in Episode 2 of Season 1

Do his emotions slow him down?

Yes <insert name here>, they do. That's why he saved the President's Cat, Dog and Bird cause he thought "Poor creatures, I'll go save them!" he said as he flicked his fingers.

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