Phantom Ninja
Phantom ninja

Ninjago:Unsung Heroes and Untold Tales




Darth henry


None yet.

Phantom Ninja is the leader of the rogue ninja.


He was once a student of Sensei Wu until darkness clouded his mind and in the middle of the night he attacked sensei because he thought sensei "was limiting him and not allowing him to reach his full potential". Sensei out-smarted him and he was forced to run away to faraway lands where he trained under many dark forces including the current King of the Underworld, Kruncha, the current leader of the serpentine, Skales, and the current leader of the Stone Army, Kozu. More coming soon


  • He can turn invisible "I simply empty my mind of all thought. In affect, I cease to exist mentally. And with no mind, no awareness of self, I disappear." -Phantom Ninja
  • His name was Crevan before he turned into the Phantom Ninja.
    • Crevan means fox.


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