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"I still masterbuild while eating Top Ramen!"
―Pink Guy

Pink Guy is a custom minifigure by MLG Neo-Futurist. He is a character from the Filthy Frank Show.


Pink Guy wears a pink party suit. He is played by Joji Miller.


Pink Guy is one of Filthy Frank's roommates. He normally crawls on all fours with his arms and legs and dances in public. This often confuses and scares civilians around him, while others make fun of him.

Normally, Pink Guy speaks with bad grammar and a strange accent. But when he raps, he has no accent and has perfect grammar. Pink Guy is an amazing rapper and has sang multiple original songs in the Filthy Frank Show. Being Japanese, Pink Guy often raps about Asian foods such as Top Ramen, fried rice balls, stir fry, etc.

After Fake Frank took over The Filthy Frank Show, Pink Guy started to notice that he is an impostor. Pink Guy is currently on a quest to find the real Filthy Frank, who had banished to the Rice Fields.

According to a poll on the Filthy Frank Wiki, Pink Guy is the most popular character in the Filthy Frank Show.



"I've been shooting dogs with Stud Shooters since I was five."
―Pink Guy (Furr)

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