If Pirate Pig could die again, how should he?

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Pirate Pig was a notorious hacker, downright depopulater, and tasty with a side of scrambled eggs! Although he discovered a primitive race of apes known as Code Monkeys and enslaved then to spam the internet with hateful comments on social media, horrifying Youtube videos, and scaring an entire generation for life with unspeakable, unholy websites. He controlled the Code Monkeys with a staff known as the Staff of Trollface, Which not only allowed him to rule over the Code Monkeys, but also Troll-olio, a massive albino troll that was very, very cruel. Pirate Pig longed for more power, seeking the rest of the Staffs, this however, would be his doom, he fought not only Ca$h Cow and his allies, but the owners of the other staffs in an incredibly short, and inordinately bloody battle, in which all the staffs but the Trollfaced one were destroyed, Pirate Pig then ordered his monkeys to march on the now famous battle field; Ca$h fields*. This is where Ca$h Cow sliced Pirate Pig in half with crazy moola lasers. not much is known about what happen to Pirate Pig after he got sliced in half and bled to death, other than some crazy guy(Possibly Dwight Goldsmith) glued his skeleton back together and started using it to fuel the war against piracy.