The Prison Escape

Skoleros(x2), Reaper, Elena Grievance, Vaurien Serpentongue(prisoner), Mahrous El-Asady(prisoner)


The Atomist


Stone Warrior

Vaurien and Mahrous have been captured attempting to enter Dominus D Tenebris' palace! Now they have conspired with the former ally of Dominus Elena Grievance to escape!


Prison escape consists of a single, bunker-like building designed to look like stone. It is 5 bricks high, with a sixth sloping level. t the front is a set of bars for a door, which is attached to a fick-fire missile that can be fired via a blunt-ended axle. On the inside, there are 2 grates on the floor(one on eaither side of the structure), along with small protuberances to attach the prison chains and prisoners. On top of the bunker is a catapult for the Reaper.


This set is based on the scene in the atomist when Vaurien and Mahrous have been captured, and conspire with Elena Grievance( a former ally of Dominus', who believed that Dominus was out of control. They then broke out of prison together and attacked Dominus in his palace



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