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"Get rekt! R.I.P. . . . Oh baby, a triple!"
―Pro while playing Call of Duty 2

Probert is a Minifigure who will appear in an upcoming MLG theme by GoldNinjaMX.


Pro has a flesh toned head, with alternate expressions. In one, he has standard eyes, a mouth, brown eyebrows, and is smiling. In the other, he is wearing pixel glasses. His body is white and resembles a t-shirt printing. "SWAG!" is written on the t-shirt, along with some dollar bills. Pro's legs are blue with a pants printing.



Probert (nicknamed Pro by his friends) a C+ student, who likes causing trouble. He is the Major League Gaming champion in Super Smash Bros: Brawl, Halo, and second place in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Because of this, Probert is very popular. His favorite shirt is a white "SWAG" one and he likes to wear jeans. His best friend is Lenny, who he was friends with in since preschool. They became friends when Lenny scared all the girls in the class with a Shrek mask. Pro thought it was the coolest thing ever, so Pro threw his lunch at him.


One day, Pro went into the drug store to get some Doritos and MTN Dew. However, he also decided to purchase weed. Not only did he smoke it, but encouraged his friends and Lenny to do so as well. However, his mother caught him and he got grounded for two weeks from using video games. Because of this, Pro hung out with Lenny at the park, which was boring. Four days later, an ultimate playground opened at the park. After trying out every single feature, Pro saw the main attraction, the monkey bars. He got on them and started moving from one bar to the other. However, his fingers slipped and he let go on the fourth bar. He then hit and ground and blew up, afterward.


Pro was then believed to be dead, and his parents used his scholarship money he got from MLG to purchase a funeral from Microsoft. Because it was made by Microsoft, a robot typed it up. However, the robot malfunctioned and wrote "Rest in Pepperoni", instead of "Rest in Peace". His parents tried to tell Microsoft they should get a new funeral, but the email went in Bill Gates's spam. They were stuck with their current funeral.

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The Illuminati

Later, it was revealed that Pro was not killed and was held captive by the Illuminati. The Illuminati had planned everything that had happened. First, they created a wax model of Pro and blew it up, afterward. They also built the playground as well as the monkey bar. They spilled oil on the fourth bar so Pro would trip. Below it, they dug a hole and filled the top with hay. When Pro fell off the monkey bars and into the hole, they shot a mine with blanks and put the was model of Pro. This caused everyone to believe that Pro was dead.

Later, Lenny discovered the Illuminati's secret base and went there to rescue Pro. However, the leader of the Illuminati informed Lenny that Pro has been completely brainwashed and has become one of them. Pro then pointed his gun toward Lenny.

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  • Favorite Snack: Doritos
  • Favorite Drink: MTN Dew
  • Favorite Song: Darude - Sandstorm
  • Favorite Quote: "Oh baby, a triple!"
  • Favorite Shirt: The one that says "SWAG!"
  • Boasting Right: Champ in Smash Bros, Halo, and Black Ops II

Yup, this guy is a real pro!


  • TBA Party Set
  • TBA Illuminati Set

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