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Professor Who
Professor who front cover

Front Cover




Professor Who is a spin off of Doctor who. This story is about a forgotten time lord and is one the last of his people. he calls himself Professor because he is a very intelligent time lord

Sets (adding soon)Edit

Season 1.

  1. Custom:The wait is over
  2. Custom:The ware house
  3. Custom:The end of the professor. Part one
  4. Custom:The end of the professor. Part Two

Season 2

  1. Custom:The Professor returns.
  2. Custom:The Cyber factory.
  3. Custom:Cygor revenge.

Season 3

Minifigures (adding soon)Edit


Season 1

Season 2


All characters Edit

1st Professor
2nd Professor
3rd Professor
4th Professor
5th professor
6th Professor
7th Professor
8th Professor
The imortal dalek
Over lord
1st Professor2nd Professor3rd Professor4th Professor5th Professor6th Professor7th Professor8th ProfessorThe imortal dalekOver lord