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Protus Super Heroes
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Dimension Traveler

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Super Heroes

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Protus Super Heroes is a LEGO theme created by Shiva. It is based on his Comic Universe and Cinematic Universe.

Description Edit

The theme is based on the comics, made by the creator of this theme, Shiva. Comics were about super heroes who are always ready to save the world. Almost all the super heroes and even villains live in the fictitious Hermitian Empire, ruled by The Emperor Ian I (successing the throne from The Emperor Shiva I).

Theme itself consists of video games and sets about super heroes of Protus.

Minifigures Edit

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InsaneDimension TravelerGrandmaster

Releases Edit

Sets Edit

  • Fight with criminals
  • Truck Attack

Video Games Edit

  • Lego Protus Super Heroes

Notes Edit

  • Originally Protus was created by Shiva's nephew, not Shiva himself. Shiva was a co-creator and in 2017 he left Protus Comics. Now he only creates LEGO Customs with that theme.
  • Minifigure of Insane was designed by rurisk, user of eBay.
  • There is a character in Protus, Lego Man, who is actually a LEGO minifigure from LEGO Universe. His appearance is similar to appearance of Bob, mascot of LEGO.