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Queen Varma the main antagonist of Azhsrak: Reshaped Realms[1], season 1.


Although her actions might be considered evil, it is rather unclear how dark her intents really are. Varma might be considered by some to having the right goal, but is far to willing to do so by the wrong means. She can be sly and deceptive, although she tends to bend the truth to what she wants, rather then outright lie. This means that her words are correct, though most likely misleading.


Shadows are only the prelude...


Varma has control over both shadow and nature, these two powers being intertwined and inseparable for her. She can cause vines to sprout from the ground at her command, or tree limbs to move, and likewise turn harmless leaves into deadly projectiles. She is also capably with a sword, and her poisoned claw, the latter which can apparently either kill or paralyze.


Varm's original design was much smaller and only had two arms. Her weapons and color scheme have remained the same though.