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Reapers of Death,more commonly known as Reapers are members of the Hordes of Death and wield staffs that are capable of reaping a persons soul by touching their flesh. They follow Dominus D Tenebris.


Normal Variant The normal reaper has plain black legs,the same torso as Cole ZX. The wear basic black capes,skulls for heads and - representing their masks - and hoods. They wield long black staffs.

Flying Reaper Flying Reapers have plain black legs,the same torso and cape as the Ringwraith from LOTR. They have skulls for head,also representing their masks and hoods. They wield black staffs.

Supreme Reaper Supreme Reapers have Ninjago skeleton bodies,legs and arms. They wear the same capes as Dementors. They have skulls and hoods,but instead of the traditional staff they wield long gold handled scythes with long black talons for blades.


The Reapers of Death are incredibly powerful members of the Hordes of Death. They are made of VoidStuff-the material that makes up the Vortex of Death. They wear Masks,hoods and cloaks to insulate them from the destructive power of Substance. They can be destroyed in 2 ways- the first is to remove their masks and read the name on the inside,and the second is to break their staffs which severs their tie to the earth. Some Reapers can fly,others can't and Supreme Reapers are able to project their power and can only be destroyed by an Invocation of the 5th circle of Fire and the 3rd circle of Earth.

Powers, Abilities and Weaknesses

Reapers of Death are always equipped with long, black staffs. These staffs will sever the soul of anyone whose flesh they touch. They are extremely proficient, though when Ensorcers started wearing gloves it foiled them briefly.

They can also whisper in your mind and demoralize you. This ability is often used while they are dueling, as if their opponent falters, even for a second, they have a striking oppurtunity.

Their only weaknesses are their Staffs and Masks. Their Masks have their name written on the inside, and if this name is spoken aloud, they will screech and disappear in a column of green light. Their other weakness is their staff,which if broken severs their tie to the Earth. Supreme Reapers are only vulnerable to an Invocation of the 5th Circle of Fire and the 3rd Circle of Earth.

Alternate Future

In the alternate future, the Reapers are much more powerful. They can all fly, are faster, stronger and can throw lightning bolts. They can teleprot via lighting as well.

Gallery of VariantsEdit

An ordinary ReaperA Flying ReaperA Supreme Reaper