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Tim Drake was at the circus the day the Graysons were murdered.

When Tim was nine years old, he stumbled upon Batman and Robin fighting The Penguin and recognized Robin as Dick Grayson when he saw him perform a complex acrobatic move. He deduced Batman's identity as Dick's adoptive father, Bruce Wayne, and began watching them from afar.

After Jason Todd died, he approached Dick, now Nightwing, and tried to convince him to become Robin again. Nightwing refused, but took him to Batman so that Tim could be Robin. Batman wasn't happy with the idea of training Tim, but Nightwing and Alfred convinced him.

Many years later, Batman was supposedly killed in a helicopter crash. In truth, however, Batman survived the crash, and later joined the Justice League during the events of the Final Crisis. Unfortunately, Batman was seemingly killed during his final confrontation with Darkseid.

Dick Grayson agreed to take on the mantel of the Batman. Unfortunately, much to Tim's shock, Dick did not ask him to continue as Robin. Stating that Tim was more his equal and ally than protege, Dick instead offered the mantel of Robin to Damian Wayne. Feeling betrayed and infuriated, Tim left, and became Red Robin.

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