Reversed Rage Kitty
Reverse Rage Unikitty



Robo SWAT (White goggles)

Reversed Rage Kitty is a custom set and LEGO Ideas project by Googlydoe. It can be supported here:

The Set

The set comes with Rage Kitty but with the normal Unikitty colors. The tongue on the model can spin and the neck can be turned. A transparent display stand is included for stability and is placed under the jaw.

A Micro-Manager called Unit PK64-A.35/L42 is also included. It has a large claw arm for entrapping large objects. A turret system is also placed in the top it's "head". When removed, it also removes the computer brain of the Micro Manager.

A Rob SWAT is also included with a gun piece.

Minifigures Included

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