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"Let's say I owe someone a large dept"

Ronin (Sebastian Stan) is a custom minifigure by MLG Neo-Futurist who appears in Ninjago: The Serpentine.



Ninjago: The SerpentineEdit


Ronin's origins are unknown, but he mentioned owning Soul Archer a big dept. Ronin is said to be the greatest mercenary in the Ninjago Cinematic Universe.

Mister ChenEdit

Chen had invited Ronin to an old building, where Chen tried to hire him to kill the Ninja for $15,000,000. Ronin refused and said he would only do it for $20,000,000. Chen told him that is ridiculous and Ronin brought the price up to $30,000,000. Eventually, Chen was forced to agree with the price. Chen also gave Ronin the map and key to the Serpentine tombs. When Chen asked Ronin he is so desperate for money he replied, "Let's say I owe someone a large dept!"


  • He is played by Sebastian Stan who also played as Winter Soldier in the Captain America movies.
    • Because they have the same actor, Ronin reuses Winter Soldier's Civil War face.

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