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Seba NightFlyer is a supporting character in the atomist, he is good friends with Vaurien Serpentongue and Mahrous El-Asady.

Description Edit

In his normal variant, Seba has dark nougat sin, with armor on his chest, bare arms and plain black legs. His hair is long and grey, while he has a beard on his face and a confident smirk. Winged In this variant, Seba is exactly the same, except his wing are like those of the Vampire Bat, but in brown, not black. Gargoyle As a Gargoyle, Seba's entire body is in shades of light and dark grey, with a brown pelvis and blank hairpiece with pointed ears.

Background Edit

Seba NightFlyer was Vaurien's mentor and friend. He was not born in Norloch, but rather in the sorcerer village of Anachria, and was raised as a farmer under the harsh sun. He met Vaurien when he was a professor at the High School of Old Newtown. During the War, Seba resigned from his professorship, but was not a warrior. He gladly joined Vaurien's quest for the Well of Life, and held off a small army of Uruks in his gargoyle form. After the quest he returned to teaching at the High School, and gave assistance to Mahrous and Vaurien during the Maelstrom Crisis.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Seba NightFlyer was a proficient warrior, and had to invaluable powers: Gargoyling(allows him to turn his body into strong stone) and Gliding(allows him to jum and fly long distances). He was not overly trained in martial arts, and was aging, but was still a force to be reckoned with.

Gallery of Variants Edit