MCM Serleena

Marvel Collectible Super Heroes Minifigures



Serleena is an evil, shapeshifting Kylothian alien queen who disguises as a female human. She is one of the main antagonists in Men in Black II, which was inspired by the Men in Black comics, published by Marvel.


Serleena is a shapeshifter alien, coming from planet Jorn at Kyloth System, who came to Earth to steal the Light of Zartha. At the end of the film, after Jay stops the countdown of a machine that would launch Laura into space, he shoots Serleena. She regenerates and steals a futuristic spaceship-like vehicle to chase after the trio of Jay, Laura, and Kay. Then Serleena is tricked into being eaten along with her spaceship. She is destroyed after showing her true form; that of a huge viney plant.


  • Shape Shifting


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