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The Seventh Doctor was the seventh incarnation of The Doctor in the Classic Doctor Who.


Originally a man with the demeanor of an eccentric, light-hearted buffoon, the Seventh Doctor darkened into a mysterious, cunning manipulator to properly combat the return of Fenric. Though he delighted in humorous reverie, it was only the surface layer of his true nature. Beneath, he was a Machiavellian genius of frightful calibre who tactfully used his mind to control nearly all situations into reaching his personal favoured outcome. Despite this, he could also show profound warmth and affection to his companions, and built a strong bond with many of them. He was never without his trademark question-mark cardigan and question-mark-handled umbrella. For one adventure, he briefly returned to working with UNIT as both the Third Doctor and the Fourth Doctor had done previously, during which he even drove the Third Doctor's iconic car, Bessie.

He was killed by getting shot by a street gang on the streets of San Fransisco on New Year's Eve 1999 and from complications from hospital surgery and later regenerated into the Eight Doctor, who suffered from amnesia due to the anaesthetic used in his surgery.


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