ShadoWind's Assault in the Outlands is a Custom Set from the One Chi to Rule Custom Theme.


Escape the Scorpion Prisons with ShadoWind.

The Evil Scorm and his henchman Scrug are after more Legend Beasts so that they can be the ones in power of the land of Chima. But what's this, ShadoWind has arrived to save the Legend Beasts from the hand of the Scorpions. Race around as ShadoWind dodging obstacles and fighting Scorm on his Speedor.

  • Legend Beasts are separate sets.
  • This is one of the many sets that have Speedorz in them but are not under the 'Speedorz' logo.
  • Come with Scorm, Scrug and ShadoWind.
  • 3 terrain items with a catapult and pellets.


  • ShadoWind takes his appearance from the Animated Series instead of his official version that has no mask or cape.

Minifigures Included

King Scorm
Scrug LDD
ShadoWind (With Cape & Mask)ScormScrug