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Salazar of the Shadows, or Shadow Lord as he is better known, is the main antagonist of the atomist's second plotline.

Description Edit

Standard variant In his standard variant, Shadow Lord is a standard minifigure, with the black chest and legs of a Tomb-Wight. Over his torso, he wears a strip of armor with spikes on the collar. His head is completely black and he wears a tall, powerful helmet with spikes on it. Spider Leg variant This variant is very similar to his normal variant, however instead of normal legs, his lower body is fused with a shadow black spider with 6 legs and 2 other appendages.

Background Edit

The Shadow Lord, known initially as Salazar Razalas, was one of the first sorcerers. He was a member of the High Council before the Rise of Evil. He was corrupted when he discovered the Maelstrom(A source of evil, chaos and destruction), and turned evil. He was the Leader of the Darkness, and corrupted the Keystones of Death and Darkness, causing all the sorcerers who drew their power from it to be evil. He led the war against Good personally, and was incredibly destructive. Eventually, he hid the Keystone of Shadows and never revealed its location. The Keystone of Death was similarly hidden, and Salazar was killed during the battle when his continent was sunk. Before he died, he swore that he would unleash the Maelsrom, and made this prophecy:
The Shadow Lord from Time Eternal

Shall rise again in Castle Infernal

To seek his blade, and make it found

From lock-ed Prison Beneath the Ground

And with a mighty undead army at his helm

Shall unleash the Maelstrom upon every Realm

Salazar later returned to the world in a form made of pure ShadowStuff, to fulfill his prophecy with an army of Skeletors. He battled Mahrous and Vaurien on several occasions, and retrieved his blade, the key to the Maelstrom Vault, although in the process, his Shadow Legs lost form and transformed into Spider-like legs. He very nearly succeeded in unleashing the Maelstrom, with the help of the traitorous Malakar. He was eventually defeated, after being pushed with his sword into the Maelstrom, theoretically sealing the Maelstrom away forever.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Salazar, he was a powerful sorcerer, and could manipulate Shadows with great strength. He was a formidable force and very intelligent. As the Shadow Lord, he could change parts of his shape, manipulating waves of shadows and all types of destructive magic. With his sword, he was nearly unstoppable.

Gallery of Variants Edit