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"This is the Monado's power!"

Shulk is an 18 year old Homs scientist studying the extremely powerful Monado Sword. When his Colony is attacked by the Mechon, he takes up arms with the sword he'd been studying, and discovered he could use it with ease, unlike its previous owner, Dunban, who lost the use of his right arm wielding it. Shulk discovered the Monado's hidden power when his eyes glowed blue and he saw a vision of the future.

In combat, Shulk specializes in a versatile, brains-over-brawn stratagies, able to use various Monado arts to tip the scales, and avoiding potentially lethal attacks through the use of his visions.


  • Back Slash: double damage if hit from behind
  • Slit edge: Decreases enemy defense
  • Light Heal: Heals member of the party
  • Air Slash: induces Break
  • Stream Edge: Inflicts Break on numerous enemies
  • Shaker Edge: Dazes a toppled enemy
  • Shadow Eye: Increases attack power
  • Battle Soul:Sacrifices Health to refill talent gauge.
  • Activate Monado: Talent art, gives access to Monado arts
    • 機 (Enchant) allows ordinary weapons to damage Mechon (kanji means "Machine")
    • 斬 (Buster) Increased striking power (Kanji means "To Slash")
    • 盾 (Shield) Blocks enemy Talent arts (Kanji means "Shield")
    • 疾 (Speed) allows one party member to evade any attack (Kanji means "Run"
    • 破 (Purge) destroy's enemy's special abilities through the use of a shock wave (kanji means "destroy/break/rend")
    • 喰 (Eater) removes enemy buffs and inflicts Bleed (kanji means "to eat)
    • 鎧 (Armor) Increases muscle density, decreasing damage taken (kanji means "armor")
    • 轟 (Cyclone) Summons a Hurricane, dealing serious damage and toppling any enemy inflicted with Break (kanji means Whirlwind)
    • 翔 (Jump) Increases jump height, Smash bros. exclusive (kanji means "soar")
    • 撃 (smash) increased Attack power, decreased defence, Smash bros. exclusive (kanji means "ATTACK")

In Super Smash Bros 4, Shulk's down special is Vision, in which he foresees an attack and counters.


  • Shulk can manipulate Ether on his own, as he is able to perform Light Heal and Stream Edge without the Monado.
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