A Chainsaw Skeletor

The Atomist


Chainsaw, big vibro-saw, little vibro-saw, Circular saw, surgical saw


Dark Magic bomb, bone, axe, surgical saw, knife, circular saw, big silver blade, extra arms, chainsaw




Stone Warrior


Skeletors are characters from the atomist and are the soldiers of the Shadow Lord. They are led by a General


Skeletors are all different, but have a number of similarities. First, they are all skeletons, using the bodies of the Ninjago Skulkin. Second, they all have blank skull heads, and normal arms. Third, their left leg always has a boot, while the right is a normal skeleton leg. On each of their backs is a complicated rig, which gives them a pair of extra arms. The right extra arm always carries or is merged with a saw of some sort(i.e: Chainsaw, Surgical saw, vibro-saw, etc.)


Skeletors are evil warriors made from skeletons. The Shadow Lord created them as a basic, expendable army,and made a general who can turn dead bodies into Skeletors with a look. The first Skeletors were made from assorted dead people, usually sorcerers.

Powers and Abilities

Skeletors are not overly effective warriors, they are not very intelligent, but partially make up for it with their massive saw blade weapons. They are very fragile, and an enchanted spear to the pelvis will separate their upper and lower bodies, likely sending their arms flying with the force of the fall. They cannot reassemble themselves unless the General stares at them, re-enchanting their bones. By far their most damaging ability is their ability to generate large, orbs of shadow and black magic, which shows itself as green fire. They can launch these bombs from their hands, like artillery, and use it in short range combat.

Gallery of Variants

Chainsaw (2 sets)Surgical Saw(1 set)Big Vibro-saw(1 set)Little Vibro-saw(1 set)Circular saw(1 set)

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