Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson (Redesign)

LEGO Bludhaven (Theme)
Arrow (Theme)


Gun, Sword

Slade Wilson is a LEGO Bludhaven (Theme) and Arrow (Theme) character.

"Hey kid, kid wake up, listen we need to get off of this Island."
―Slade says to Nightwing in LEGO Bludhaven (Theme)

Slade Wilson is also seen on Arrow in Oliver Queen's flashbacks. Slade Wilson is known as Deathstroke, he is a trained Assassin and a master of combat. He works for whoever gives him the highest wage. Slade and Nightwing attend to escape the Island, but only one of them can go "You go Slade!, you need it!" Nightwing shouts at Slade. Slade managed to get off the Island but he remembered Dick Grayson risking his life for his. Slade thought he was a good kid and a nice soldier.


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