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Slizerak is a custom LEGO minifigure from Ninjago.


Slizerak was promoted to the King of the Skeleton Army after Samukai disappeared and Lord Garmadon escaped. He was the same type of creature as Samukai, but younger and faster. He used four silver daggers until his army captured four silver dragon swords, meant for the four ninjas, which he then used. Demoting Kruncha to captain, he promoted Krak, a fire skeleton, to General.

Visual Appearance

Slizerak has a cloth eyepatch over one of his eyes. Not even Lord Garmadon knows if it is functional. He has cracks on his forehead and one up from his chin. An ice skeleton, Slizerak also has a tooth missing. Like other skeletons, Slizerak has black boots. He also has a single missing tooth. He wields four silver daggers.