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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Sorcius Raikus (pronounced SOR-see-us RI-kəs) ("Sorc" for short) is a custom minifigure created by Jeyo in June, 2012 for the theme Medieval. He is one of the main antagonists of the medieval theme.


Sorc was born Sorcius Raikus to a poor family in Ayacrom. A year after that, his brother, Sorcian (Ian for short), was born. Sorcius was bigger and fiercer than his brother and as they grew up, Sorc became increasingly restless. At the age of 17, He discovered the extreme wealth of Ayacrom and noted the poorness of his own family. He began planning a raid of Ayacrom's gold supply that would make his family rich and cause the name of Raikus to inspire awe in every kingdom on Earth.

But 16 year old Sorcian discovered his brother's plan and managed to put a stop to it during its last phase. Sorc was nearly put in jail, but Ian was fond of his brother and persuaded the authorities to send him into exile.

Years passed. Sorc joined up with the armies of Kodann, the rivaling city. He then began conspiring with Jaycrim, the store owner of The Knight and the Nomad, reigniting his plan to take the money supply of Ayacrom. But this time he had a different motive: upon becoming a Commander in the Kodann forces, he realized the wonderful feeling of having power. He planned to take over Ayacrom and use it's wealth to seize the rest of the province.

Meanwhile, Sorc's brother Sorcian had formed a group of nomadic warriors called the Rangers to defend Ayacrom against any amassing threat. One of the Rangers, Jek, came to The Knight and the Nomad and confronted the store owner. Sorc knocked him out from behind with an axe. Upon conferring with the store owner, they decided to let Jek live. When he woke up, they figured, he would lead them straight to the Rangers' hidden outpost.

Apparently the ensuing raid on the Rangers was successful because Sorc was next seen interrogating a captured Ranger named Cargon.


  • The two heads used for Sorc's adult self and teenage self are nearly identical. Only the scars make a significant difference between the two.
  • The Dino Attack character Shadow is a descendant of Sorcius.

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Sorc at 17Sorc at 19, a soldier in the Kodann armySorc as an officerSorc as a high-ranking officerSorc as a high general