Sparratus' Spider-Jet Flight is a Custom Set from the One Chi to Rule Custom Theme.


Quickly, Worriz is on Guard!

Sparratus has stolen some CHI. Help Worriz prepare his Wolf Turret to fend against Sparratus' Spider-Jet. Plug some CHI into the Turret and defend the Outlands. Sparratus is firing his Flick-Fire Missles at you. Run for cover. The Crawlers may have won this round but how about next time. You choose.

  • Comes with Two Flick-Fire Missles and Wolf-Turret.
  • Sparratus' Spider-Jet uses Sparacon's Colours. That's because it was originally designed for Sparacon in the beginning.


  • Worriz never appears in his Outlands variant in the actual sets.

Minifigures Included

SparratusWorriz (Outlands)