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"Is this going to require any effort on my part?"

Spencer is the Blue Ninja, and the de-facto leader of the team. He's in charge of security.


Spencer was apparently orphaned at a young age, and was found by Dr. Braynes, who genetically enhanced him (along with his future teammates) with the DNA of one of the greatest Ninjas of all time. Spencer survived the zombie apocalypse, became a ninja, and met his future teammates.



Spencer and Rogi are best friends, and could be considered inseparable (they are not dating, as both are desperately looking for girlfriends).


"Being an out-of-control-rage-aholic is just part of Andre's lovable personality."

Spencer is on good terms with Andre, however, he doesn't see Andre's temper as extreme.


Spence apparently has a secret crush on Tanzy, shown in the 12th episode,being the one who's seemingly worried most about her - also when he apologizes for treating her like she's "invisible".


Spencer sees Chris as a weirdo, being the only ninja, other than Tanzy, who sees Bartlby is just a puppet.


  • Spence almost destroyed the ninjas' reputation with his wisecracks when he made an appearance on SHUT UP! I'M RIGHT!