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Spike Brood was a light-skinned Human male who stood two meters in height. Spike later adopted a large metal shield that covered his face from his upper lip down, to protect a lightsaber injury that completely severed his lower jaw—a wound that had been inflicted by his Sith Master, Darth Anabeis. A vocabulator allowed Spike to talk, but his voice reverberated with a gruff electronic tone, creating a disconcerting effect since his cybernetic jaw did not move. He spoke and understood Basic, the Republic's trade language.Spike used to wear a set of red senetorial robes and used a blaster containing a blue crystal. During his time as a sepratist leader, Spike wore a set of skin-tight, red-orange body armor that showed off his physique. Spike also possessed a powerful Sith sword recovered from Korriban, although he rarely used it in combat.

Destruction of the the planet Leglo IV:

After successfully ambushing a vessel under the republic's command, the Hammerhead-class cruiser Endor Spitfire, Sith troopers led by Spike Brood boarded the ship, intent on seizing The Jedi master Yoda alive. However, Yoda and Shakk Ti were able to escape before the vessel's destruction. Afterwards, Spike ordered the conquest and blockading of Leglo IV in order to search for the Jedi. The escape pod bearing The Jedis crashed in the Undercity, however, and she was taken prisoner by the Black Bricksters swoop gang. Spike, meanwhile, grew weary of the protracted search. Seeking to eliminate the Jedi, he ordered Admiral Bobette to thoroughly bombard the surface. As the Sith fleet in orbit repositioned itself, Yoda and Shakk ti succeeded in accessing the Fawk. However, they were confronted by Bob and the bounty hunter Ziamon Zays. After a brief firefight as the bombardment began, Bob was killed and Zays incapacitated; with the way clear, the party boarded the freighter, picking up 20 civilians, and blasted off for space. The Abon Fawk eluded a vanguard of attacking Sith fighters before fleeing into hyperspace, en route to the Jedi Temple on Coursant. Despite their escape, the bombardment continued until the entire world was virtually scoured of life, killing billions of beings. However, Leglo's ecosystem eventually recovered over the next three centuries, leading the Republic to resettle the planet.

Destruction of leglo IV

The death of Leglo IV


Spike was put in prison along with other sepratists and he watched as the sepratists tried to rescue them. Spike's life was ended by Bob, the clone who had been his Guard, who unexpectedly shot the former Senetor in the back due to his anger over The Destruction of Legolo Iv. Afterward, Bob was Given $500000 dollers. The fall of Spike during the Clone Wars demonstrated that Senetorsi could fall to the Sepratists if they fall to despair with the way the war was going.