Stark Smash
Stark Smash 1



Tony Stark
Tony Stark (Hulked Out)
The Hulk
Black Widow


Avengers Assemble



Stark Smash! is a Sparrow9988 custom in his Avengers Assemble theme.


Tony Stark learns what it's like to be The Hulk when gamma radiation escapes from a containment unit. The unlikely duo of The Hulk and Black Widow are the last line of defense before Stark smashes puny city!

Minifigures Included

Tony Stark (With Gauntlet)
Tony Stark (Hulked Out)-REVISED
Hulk(Avengers Assemble)
Black Widow (S.H.I.E.L.D. Hazmat)
Tony StarkTony Stark (Hulked Out)The HulkBlack Widow


  • This set is based on the episode "Hulked Out Heroes".
  • It includes the Mark L Iron Armory display case.


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