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"You will do as I say and live with it!"

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Starslitch was the former General of the Classic Alien army having been defeated by Canius.

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After Starslitch went crazy after being traped in the Alien Saucer all of those years and was replaced as General by Canius he was banished to the lost sector 22 where he released the fear master Parallax but Parallax betrayed him and left him to fight the other Aliens. When the Alien Mothership was destroyed by The Great Devourer he escaped and called upon the legendary Xenomorph Aliens to help him get his revenge on Canius. After becoming friends with the Xenomorph's Starslitch sends them out to find the four silver Predator masks that can unleash the Xenomorph Queen however when Starslitch does so he and Canius end up being the Xenomorph Queen's first meals and Starslitch has not been heard from since.

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CM rating three stars


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CM rating three stars

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  • Starslitch may have survived after being eaten by the Xenomorph Queen but know one knows for sure.
  • Starslitch was the first Classic Alien that appeared in Chakor Channing's Minifigures Showcase stories one

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