Stone Army Fortress
Fortress (1)



Lord Garmadon with hair, General Kuzo, Golden Lloyd, Zane, Kai, Cole in Stone Army disguise, Jay in Stone Army disguise, Samurai Archer X2, Samurai Swordsman, Samurai Warrior, Evil Nya




Omega X.23

Stone Army Fortress' is a Custom: Ninjago set created by Omega X.23.

Behind the Scenes Information...

This set started out as a entry for the Monthly MOC Competition for January(ALWAYS have a good start to a year). I decided to build a Stone Warrior Camp, much to my disappointment that LEGO has not released one yet. I immediately decided that it must have plenty of references to the TV show, but must never retain the boring purple tent shown in the TV series. I started by doing some sketches. The only thing that remains unchanged throughout my sketches was the gate, so I started on it first. The gate was a traditional design of using a face as the design with the mouth as the gate, a design that LEGO has used many times, like the Skull Fortress in Castle and the Lion CHI Temple about to be released. Obviously , the motif would be a samurai, like other Ninjago sets. This proved to be a challenge for a person like me who didn't own any Ninjago sets at all. Anyway, I pulled it off and the gate is complete. I decided to add a mini prison cell at the back as a challenge to break the record of 'smallest prison cell ever'. :P I also added a small gun at the side of the 'shoulder pad'.



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