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The Adventures of Irnakk


This is a Theme made by me. =)

Please only join if you ask.


  1. Toa Kualus
  2. Irnakk


Irnakk is the Skakdi's greatest fear,but he was imprisoned by The Dark Hunters. Another prisinor,Toa Kualus asked him if he needs help to get out. Irnakk said "Alright then,If you atleast don't kill me." The guard Barkros Was punished for letting the 2 prisinors getting away. Teridax did not thrust barkros anymore, so he send Burgol,one of his elite Guards, with him to find the prisinors. Kualus became very close friends with Irnakk,and went into the Mountains. Irnakk said: "Can't we have some rest?? It's too cold!! Ccoll...D..." Kualus responded "No,Unless you want to stay behind and become Ice sickles!"

To be Continued...