The Battle of Hastings is a set released under the custom theme by Lavertus that depicts real historical events.

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The set contains two green baseplates representing grass, joined by some of several bushes scattered around. Five Minifigures are included; two of which representing the Norman attackers, two representing Saxons making up a wall of shields and the green minifigure represents a Saxon archer.

Just like all sets in the theme, this set comes with a small book containing information regarding the battle of Hasting and a several MB USB stick containing both primary (written at the time) and secondary (written centuries after the time) historical sources such as the Beyeux tapestry.

Book contents Edit

The battle of Hastings is possibly one of the most important moments in British and likely world history.

After the death of King of England (Edward the confessor), England was in turmoil. Four men were claiming that they were entitled to the English throne. After much dispute, Harold Saxon took the throne. This angered the claimants to the throne, most of all William Duke of Normandy. As a result, William amassed a huge army and sailed to England to fight Harold's army.

Arguably the main reason for the Norman victory was that before the battle, the Saxons had been reduced down after a victory over Norwegian invaders at the battle of Stamford bridge where throne claimant Harold Hardraada was slain. None the less, on the 14th October 1066, William Duke of Normandy and Harold Saxon's armies clashed at Hastings. The battle was won by the Normans after their use of the tactic to run up to enemy shields and then run away, only to turn back and butcher the pursuing Saxons.

It is debated to this day how Harold Saxon actually died. It is clear that he was shot through the eye with an arrow and that a Norman soldier cut his arm off, but it has been said that it was unlikely the arrow would have killed him at first. It is the belief of many that the arrow wound became infected and he thus died of infection.

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