The Burning Bridge
HNI 0063



Ranger's Apprentice



The Burning Bridge is a Sparrow9988 custom in his Ranger's Apprentice theme.


On Will, Gilan and Horace's way to Celtica, they come across Cassandra, who claims to be a maid named Evanlyn to an Araluen noble. Gilan then leaves the three alone, when they come across a band of Wargals. When the three of them follow the Wargals they discover that a gigantic bridge is in the process of being built across the Fissure between Celtica and Morgarath's land. They also discover that the King's army is to be trapped on the Plains of Uthal, surrounded by Morgarath's army and a huge Skandian force. They decide that the only way to save the country is to burn the bridge. They manage to do this, but Will and Cassandra are captured by Erak and his Skandian warriors as they work to keep the fire burning. Horace then flees to find the King.

Minifigures Included


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