The Ghost Dungeon



Frank Rock
Dr. Rodney Rathbone
Irradiated Skeleton x2


Monster Fighters



The Ghost Dungeon is a custom Monster Fighters/CzechMate built for the Monthly Moc Comp, made by CzechMate.


A moonstone is said to have powered the Ghost Dungeons for many years, guide your way through, and snatch the moonstone! Dodge the flying chemical flasks, and battle the crazy Irradiated Skeletons, and take the moonstones - before it opens up the ghosts!

  • Includes 369 pieces
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Dr. Rodney, Frank Rock, two Irradiated Skeletons and a glow in the dark ghost.
  • Hit the flick fire on the back of the building to release the moonstone.
  • Turn the moonstone to open the door to the cell room!
  • Cell room includes TV, bed and glow in the dark ghost
  • Also includes are catapult, equipment stack, and 2 Glow in the dark elements.
  • RRP: $45AU

Designer Notes

  • I originally built this in May, but redid it, to have new features.
  • I got the idea from 30201, since the ghost had a chain, it opened up a few ideas.
  • I really like this one, only bad thing is that it has no vehicle.


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