The Last of Us
LEGO Last Of Us
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The Last of Us takes place in the United States, twenty years after a spore-based infection rapidly spread across the globe, wiping out a vast majority of the population by warping its hosts’ brains and turning them into deadly predators capable of killing with a single bite. The majority of the world’s population has been reduced to either struggling survivors or ravenous infected mutants.

Story Sets

Story Minifigures


In Multiplayer, players fight each other on two teams, Survivors and Fireflies. Toolboxes contain Parts, and Crafting Items such as Explosives, Binding, Blades, and more. Using those items you can upgrade your melee weapon, or craft a smoke bomb, a bomb, or a moltov cocktail. You can also get parts which you can use to buy Armor and ammo for weapons.

Multiplayer Sets

Multiplayer Minifigures

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