The Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings is a custom theme made by irnakk. if you want to join the theme and help making customs,please leave a message at my talk page.

I am currently working on The Mines of Moria.

If you have any ideas for sets, leave a message on my talk.


Custom:Tower Of Orthanc (Irnakk)

Custom:Battle of Helm's Deep (Irnakk)

Custom:Skirmish at Weathertop (Irnakk)

Custom:Minas Tirith (Irnakk)

Custom:Gandalf Arrives in the Shire (Irnakk)

Custom:Pelennor fields (Irnakk)

Custom:Treebeard (Irnakk,Ultrabuild)

Custom:Balrog Battle (Irnakk)

Custom:Minas Morgul (Irnakk)

Custom:Strider (Irnakk,Promotional)

Related sets

Custom:Black Gate(Mat96,Contest entry)

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