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The Professor is a Time lord who was exiled for genocide. But later was let free when he got a distress signal from the time lords telling him that the daleks had attacked. But when he got there the time lords were all dead. Then he went to earth to help the humans from any alien threats because the humans were his favorite species.


  • The form that says the professor is not actually the first form of the professor it's actually his 8th form.
  • The 2nd Professor didn't live for a very long time. He died one day after his regeneration.
  • the top photo was originally the first professor until i wanted him to be a little bit older than the doctor
  • His TARDIS looks exactly like the Doctor's.

Gallery of Incarnations Edit

1st Professor
2nd Professor
3rd Professor
4th Professor
5th professor
6th Professor
7th Professor
8th Professor
1st Professor2nd Professor3rd Professor4th Professor5th Professor6th Professor7th Professor8th Professor