The Well of Life

Vaurien Serpentongue,Hollow Man


The Atomist


Stone Warrior


This set includes a small tree,on a platform. the top of the tree has a number of large leaves spreading from it's 2 main branches and it's little side branch. The Hollow Man stands under the tree.

The main part of the set is the Well of Life. It stands on a 10x10 base like the ones used for towers and is a mixture of dark and light grey stones and four small white 'teeth' to keep the well cover - an 8x8 circle - in place. Within the well are a number of trans blue and white 2x2 circles representing water and a blue flame representing the splash of water Life's face appeared in.


This set displays the scene where Mahrous and Vaurien went to see and negotiate with Life,and a blue flame represents the jet of water that Life showed her face in. The Hollow Man represents the army of Hollow Men besieging the forest.


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