The Wooden Swordsman (Theme)


The Wooden Swordsman (Theme) is well a theme about a villager who's life changes by wielding a stick and saving the bowmen who were hunting for him.


Jackson Martial is a normal villager in the Land of Aura who's life shall change. He knows not why he is being chased continuously by a group of Archers. Fending to save the Archers and himself he picks up a sharp stick and defeated the Bear who was threatening him and the group of men. Later he returns to be honored with a Sword, his handle was Gold, it had a Sapphire Gem while the tip made out of the hardest wood in all of Aura and very sharp. But the Ancient Enemy of Aura has returned to reclaim his land. Jackson must protect the people of Aura with his Wooden Sword.



Blacksmith Assault

Forest Attack

Jackson's Stand

Thaikial's Arrival

Celebration Ruins

Tower of Aura

Ancient Eleven Covenant

Aura Market

Aura Strike Team

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