The saga of Darren Shan
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Darren Shan

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Monster Fighters




Darren Shan is blooded by the seasoned vampire, Larten Crepsley, to save his friends life. After staying with the Cirque Du Freak (a magic freak show) he embarks on the though trek to vampire mountain where he saves the clan from a vampanaze (like vampires except they kill when they drink) attack and takes his place as a vampire prince. He then embarks with his mentor and Harkat Mulds to fight the lord of the vampanaze and to save his soul.


-Cirque du Freak

-The Vampire's Assistant

-Tunnels of Blood

-Vampire Mountain

-Trails of Death

-The Vampire Prince

-Hunters of the Dusk

-Allies of the Night

-Killers of the Dawn

-The Lake of Souls

-Lord of the Shadows

-Sons of Destiny


Graveyard break
Train Attack
Murlough's Den


Larten Crepsley
Darren Shan
Steve Leopard
Sam Grest
The Wolf man
Evra Von

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