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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Thogrim (pronounced THÔ-grim)is a custom minifigure made by Jeyo in August, 2012. He has not appeared in any sets yet.


Thogrim is mostly black, with a red belt and white gloves. His armor is black and silver with an image of a skull in the center. Thogrim's face is in a constant scowl. He has large eyebrows drawn down over dark eyes and has a thick black beard and mustache. He often wields twin silver knives.


Thogrim was a veteran of war and served as Lord Kodann's right-hand man. He was large, strong, smart, perceptive and evil, traits that made him incredibly dangerous. he was also an excellent fighter and was remarkably loyal to Kodann. Thogrim commanded respect from those under him and had a well-earned reputation for winning seemingly impossible battles. Many of his allies and enemies held him in awe, fear and respect. When Sorcius Raikus joined the Kodann forces, Thogrim was General and instantly disliked the recruit. As Sorc moved up in rank and proved his ambition and ability to lead, Thogrim grew steadily more suspicious. He was also afraid that the newly promoted Commander Raikus would surpass him in rank. It was not long before the two developed a rivalry like none ever seen before in the Kodann forces. Both the highest-ranking officers in the land, neither above the other, they confronted each other multiple times. Observing this, Kodann himself ordered them to stop, but Thogrim still kept his burning eyes on Sorc. His suspicions proved to be correct: as the final battle between the Rangers of Ayacrom and the Kodann Army was waning, Sorc and his brother Sorcian, leader of the Rangers, dueled fiercely, ending when Ian knocked his brother unconscious. There, Thogrim leaped into battle and, in his battle-weary state, Sorcian was no match for the high general. But before Thogrim could deliver the killing blow, Sorc, who had woken up, at last realized where his loyaltes truly were. He struck Thogrim down, killing Kodann's most dedicated servant in a single blow.