Tiger Tank
Tiger Tank

Tank Commander, Soldiers x4, Indy




Br1ck animat0r

Tiger Tank is a custom set built by Jonathan Rogers in his first wave of "MOCs" in mid-2010. It is based of the German battle tank by the same name and is included in a short webcomic set in the Indiana Jones Universe.

The MOC featured good reviews shortly after release and the promenant observation of Lego style building techniques.

The set includes five custom minifigures (pieces originating in the WWII sylings of the Indiana Jones theme).


  • The set is riddled wih inaccuracies (the number of tread spokes, the british uniforms, the scale of the fuel tanks.)
  • The creation was the first "Historical" creation made by Jonathan Rogers.
  • The creation was thought to be "destroyed" in the server crash of summer '11.
  • Despite being "Outdated" the original location is still avaliable to (unbanned) mocpages users via a glitch in the website.

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