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After Timothy watched the turtles defeat Baxter Stockman, he became a fanboy instantly.He was defeating the purple dragons when the turtles came to stop them. They helped him, yet they got mad when the dragons escaped.His mask got hooked to the Shellraiser and he followed them into the sewers.The turtles had to go deal with Fishface as Donatello stayed with him and taught him a few moves. Later, Tim had to drive the Shellraiser while Donnie made a serum to save Raphael from Fishface's injected poison.

A few days later, Timothy was found working for the Foot. Shredder was turning his Clan into Mutants, and Timothy wanted to be a good Turtle Mutant, so he later Mutated, Yelling and screaming "IT BURNS!", and he mutated into a glob with his insides showing.Donnie put his body in a can and escaped with the other turtles.

Soon, Donnie worked on ways to free Tim, but failed. Donnie told him about his crush on April O'Neil, even though she ran away. This made Tim feel lonely and he drank mutagen giving him gooey arms and legs on the outside. Then he ran after April, but luckily Casey saved her.


Tim was held by Baxter Stockman in his lab.Tim found April and Donnie and got mad at Donnie.April told him that Donnie will help him, not hurt him.Tim agreed to work with them.

He is found as a Mech-like figure in the story, yet in free roam and free play you play as a big-fig.

His story body is a vehicle without the body parts inside, yet if you get in it as Pulverizer or Timothy (Foot) you turn automatically into the body parts.


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