Toa Gorm

Custom:ToaMatau2004's Customs



Toa Gorm is a custom by ToaMatau2004.


Gorm was once a matoran until he was struck by lightning. Now he is a Toa of Lightning who protects Matoran on a weird desert planet covered by a blue force field. He uses his Mask of Head Flying to make his head fly to scare away newcomers to his home world.

The Unofficial Fake description

Defeat Evil With Toa Gorm!!!

    When evil is around send the epic new Toa, Gorm! Gorm is a Toa of Lightning who has the Kanohi mask of head flight! Use the mystical Galisword to defeat the enemies! The sand planet and the Matoran will be safe with Toa Gorm!

  • As seen in the hit T.v series Bionicgalicle!
  • Features all new Kanohi mask of Head flight!
  • And even more!


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